Unleash the untapped potential of AI in your advertising

May 31, 2023by Kariem Ali

Coca-Cola recently produced an advert using generative AI to take the viewer through a journey into a young artist’s mind sitting in an art gallery surrounded by historic and modern artistic paintings. Inspiration for his art eventually comes from the Coca-Cola bottle he sips towards the end.

It’s a revolutionary marketing stunt harnessing the power of AI to create a standout advert in perfect timing. A great blend of tech and creativity, although the use of AI in advertising is not new, the level of sophistication and imagination shown is impressive.

It is expected that more companies will explore its potential within advertising as it opens new possibilities for brands across industries to connect with their audience more effectively.

Using AI algorithms and analytics in advertising can:

1. Help build more accurate consumer personas for better targeting.

2. Provide valuable insights into current/future consumer behaviour and trends.

3. Generate compelling visuals, videos, and written content faster with consistency.

If you want to build deeper connections with your customers, offer relevant experiences, and stay
ahead of your competition, consider AI in your advertising strategy!


Video credit: Coca-Cola


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