Our Consulting Services

Marketing Audit

A marketing health check of your business.

Planning and Strategy

Effective marketing strategies and a long term marketing plan.

Digital Marketing

Giving your online presence a direction.


Understand the metrics to monitor progress.

Customer Experience

Providing a long term strategy for your customer journey.


Draw up a campaign that will boost sales.

CONSULTING BENEFITSShifting Your Marketing To The Next Stage

Get support without hiring a full time employee
Access to experience and knowledge
A fresh perspective of your marketing
Providing cost effective methods
Access to resources and network
Improving your Return On Investment

We offer options to suit your Needs

In Person Consultations
Virtual Consultations
Flexible Payment Terms
Pay As You Go
Personal Marketing Advisor

How It Works?

Stage 1


We arrange an initial meeting online or face to face where we get to know more about your requirements and challenges. It also helps us both to see whether we are a good fit for each other. 

Stage 2


Based on the work that is required for example a marketing plan or campaign strategy and consultancy sessions, we quote you on the costs and the best approach we recommend. BUT we are flexible on how you want to work with us and how you want to pay. Pay as you go or monthly instalments, regular consultations or ad-hoc, you decide

Stage 3


Once you accept the quote, we get started by proposing you a plan of how we will work together and what to expect. Once we agree, then we get started right away!

Stage 4


We set up regular consultation sessions weekly or monthly depending on the need which lasts up to 1 hour each. We also deliver any plans or strategies we have agreed to write up for you during these sessions. We follow up on your implementation and also check your progress to ensure you are on the right track to successful marketing.

Stage 5


We must ensure you are progressing and our consulting is helping you improve your marketing efforts. We arrange a review session every 2-3 months to monitor progress through metrics and KPI’s. We use analytical tools to see the evidence of your marketing success

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